A newly installed Techo Bloc walkway

A Welcoming Walkway in Hamilton

Old Walkway Issues

Our Hamilton client wanted a warm and welcoming walkway for their home. Originally they had and old lackluster clay brick pathway that was buckling and in need of repair. They wanted a new upgrade, but they were concerned about preexisting conditions in the layout of their land. First of all, there were flooding issues in front of the house, so we had to regrade the area. There was a brand new septic system and we had to relocate three large trees growing on top of underground utilities. Needless to say, we had to be very careful throughout the entire excavation process.

Front door patio
The welcoming walkway leads to an accommodating front patio

Our Approach to the New Walkway

The old walkway was just a straight path from the door to the driveway. Our client’s favorite spot on their property is the front entry because of the beautiful sunrise on that side of the house. At their request, we designed an inviting area where they could sit and enjoy morning coffee. The walkway is winding and there is a spacious seating area to accommodate early risers.

The Process

We removed old clay brick and upgraded to Techo Bloc Blu Shale 60 mm with 6×6 onyx border. Techo Block stone is known for its durability over natural stone. You don’t have to worry about our harsh winters –Techo Bloc can take straight salt and ice melt. You can use a shovel on it without scraping and it is guaranteed for life.

In order to move water from the front yard and eliminate flooding, we created a swale. We also installed a fair amount of low voltage landscape lights. At night time this place looks phenomenal, with the trees, the walkway, and the house all lit up.

Winding walkway alongside house
Side view of winding walkway alongside house

It was fun seeing the transformation from start to finish in this project. Our client was especially pleased to have the water issues dissipate. From the colors of the stone to the curvature of the walkway and slope of the land, there was so much value added to the aesthetics of the property.

Winding walkway alongside house
Side door view of walkway

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