If your lawn is looking a little tired, consider a top-dressing of Black Gold, Cole’s highly organic compost. As the hot summer winds down and we move through August into the fall, it is important to start thinking ahead to the next season. There are many benefits to using compost and applying organic matter to your property. Cole Landscaping is proud to offer this all-natural top-dressing service.

The Process

First we will core aerate the complete property. Then we will broadcast this highly organic matter throughout the area along with seed. This gives you a much greener lawn through the fall and it will come back in the spring lush and beautiful.

Grub infested lawn

Grub Infested Front Lawn Prior to Black Gold

Front Lawn After Black Gold Compost Treatment

After Black Gold Compost Treatment

What is compost and why should you use it?

Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Above all, organic matter is vital to productive soils and healthy plant growth. Compost is certainly an excellent source of organic matter that promotes biologically active soil by adding beneficial microorganisms.

man 's hand holding compost

Organic Compost

Lawn Before compost treatment

Side Yard Before Black Gold

Side Yard After Black Gold Treatment

Side Yard After Black Gold Treatment

What else can compost do for your lawn?

  • Incorporates slow release nutrients in an organic form
  • Leaves pore spaces behind for roots to colonize as it breaks down
  • Improves soil moisture retention
  • Adds life and organic matter to the soil
  • Allows micro-organisms to thrive and multiply to fight many soil-borne diseases

The Power of the Bark Blower

Our Cole crew alongside our powerful  Finn Bark Blower can service your property in no time at all. The Finn Blower is designed specifically to convey considerable volumes of heavy material (loam, stone etc.) as well as lighter materials (bark mulch, compost, playground chips) to large areas very quickly. Therefore, it is perfect for all size areas, including hillsides, tough terrain, and hard to reach places!



Contact Cole if your lawn is looking tired and could use some TLC.