This seaside oasis in Magnolia is exploding with color as springtime plantings put on a spectacular show. With the ocean for a backdrop, perennials bloom in perfect harmony and provide a visual concerto for all to enjoy. In this infertile, salt laden area, Cole professionals have carefully chosen flora to withstand the harsh growing environment.

Robusta green juniper provides an ideal dark background and accentuates the vibrant perennials. It is a versatile and durable evergreen for coastal areas and acts as a windbreak and screen for narrow places. Catmints, which have rich, purple blooms, grow very well in tricky soil and thrive in full sun. As an added bonus, with careful trimmings after the first bloom, you will get a second flowering in late summer. This tough perennial can also withstand New England’s harsh winter and return in full force for years to come. Snow-in-summer provides a blanket of white blooms and is drought tolerant ground cover. It’s a great option to add beauty near walls and stones and it is also a self-seeder that will grow and populate on it’s own. The peonies that bloom in early summer with spectacular color turn into a lovely green, leafy hedge throughout late summer and will turn purplish red in the fall. Compared to other perennials, peonies require very little maintenance. White irises, pink dianthus and purple salvia add bursts of color between the foreground and background arrangements. With a little luck, the salvia may attract a hummingbird or two.

If you have a challenging garden environment, let Cole designers help you find the right combination of plants and flowers to turn your outdoors into a budding sensation.