This sun-filled Wenham backyard boasts an outdoor entertaining area in a serene setting complete with a dining area, stone fire pit and YES…a whisky barrel inspired hot tub!


This two-tiered outdoor space is an 1100 ft2 dining and spa experience. The lower terrace is recessed 2 feet from the main patio area. Thermal bluestone with electric heat blankets turns this patio into a year round spa sensation.

Cool summer evenings invite you outside for a grilled meal, after dinner drinks by the stone fire pit and a late night dip in the hot tub. Natural stepping-stones lead you to the patio from the house; another set leads you into the hot tub. For a unique look, we designed a grass inlay in the bluestone for our clients’ dining area. Adding to the ambiance, a half circle of white and pink rose bushes surrounds the patio for a private and intimate setting.