woodland wall with flowers

Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Winter is for Planning

Winter is the perfect time of year for planning your upcoming landscape projects. By looking back at our favorite projects of 2018, we hope to inspire some possibilities that will boost your home’s curb appeal for 2019. Our winter post series will highlight the talent behind Cole Landscaping where the ultimate goal is to complement the natural beauty of your landscape. It is easier to assess your needs when the leaves have fallen off the trees and your plants have gone into a dormant state. Look around and see where your property could use some attention. Is there a focal point, or does your eye wander? Are there any hardscape features in need of repair? Contact Cole  and our professionals will be happy to assist you.

Curb Appeal and More!

The woodland garden was part of the overall curb appeal for this Hampstead, NH project. Initially working in and among existing perennials and shrubs we organized and restructured this family’s woodland garden. By adding masses of same species cultivars, we added large swaths of color to the garden. Therefore we used plants that provide color that would last throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

planning a natural stone retaining wall
Closeup view of wall and garden

In addition, we removed existing damaged conifers by the drive court and replaced them with airy deciduous trees. For cohesiveness, the color of the Threadleaf Japanese Maple plays off the maroon front door and ties the design together.  Simple tricks of choosing plants with a similar color scheme to the front door and/or trim color can create an exciting front yard landscape and aid in curb appeal. Equally important is the repetition of patterns and colors in the perennial garden. It provides a sense of organization and is pleasant to the eye.

Side view of retaining wall featuring perennial woodland garden
Side view of retaining wall featuring perennial woodland garden

Our client’s main objectives were to have a garden that would enhance the natural landscape and be fairly easy to maintain. Therefore, we used native and non-native, non-invasive plant material. By massing the plants to form large thick mats weeds are kept down. As a result, we surpassed their expectations.

If you’re planning to add a new stone wall to enhance the beauty of your property or if your grounds could use a professional “pick-me-up”, our designers will work with you to re-imagine the possibilities. Contact Cole Landscaping to learn more.

plan to build a retaining wall on property
View of entire wall on property

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