Retaining wall - during and after

Natural Stonewall in Wenham

Can you imagine the improvement that a natural stonewall and granite steps would make to your property? Team Cole does it again, as we transform this Wenham retaining wall and stairs from ordinary to “WOW!”

The Plan

To begin the project, Cole professionals jack-hammered out the old cement stairs to make room for the new 8-foot-long split faced granite steps. With utmost precision, the Cole crew replaced nine 6” steps with eight 7” granite steps, therefore allowing the walkway to perfectly align with the new granite.

Next, Cole designed a natural stonewall veneer (to match the home’s front wall) using the existing retaining wall as its base. Our team covered the dull, cement wall with Colonial Tan Mosaic. Colonial Tan is quartzite that consists of radiant brown, beige, tan, light gray, and other earth tones. Gold and silver speckles capture the essence and shine of natural sunlight. These earthy neutral colors match well in both modern and traditional designs, giving your project a fresh, unmistakable look. The stone is native to upstate Maine and is true veneer stone hand cut for a beautiful custom look.

The People for the Project

Ultimately, a project like this requires a landscape architect or a very capable design-build company that can provide construction drawings. By the same token, these professionals must know how the dimensions of each wall design change according to pressures caused by climatic extremes. The quality of labor is equally important. Therefore, Cole employs masons who master the art of manipulating stone. They understand the complexity of creating mosaic patterns required to build a natural stonewall. Mosaic pattern veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing, and cladding. The shapes consist primarily of triangles and stop sign shapes and the pattern is similar to the mosaic dimensions created from broken ice.

Building the Natural Stonewall

To construct the natural stonewall, first Cole cut the left side level to match right side with a demo saw. Next, our team installed a metal lathe throughout the complete veneer area. They secured it into concrete wall using self-tapping screws. To ensure that the new veneer isn’t compromised by the old stucco and adheres directly to the concrete wall, Cole applied a skim coat of cement between the two walls for its entire length. Furthermore, on top of the wall, Cole installed limestone caps to match the home’s front wall. However, for a more polished look, Cole masons custom cut 16” wide limestone to accommodate a 2” overhang. In total, Cole installed 15 linear feet of corners and an area of 230 face feet of veneer. The end result is a beautiful stonewall running the length of the property that seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape.

Are you considering a new natural stonewall somewhere on your property? If your grounds could use a professional “pick-me-up”, our designers will work with you to re-imagine the possibilities. Contact Cole Landscaping to learn more.

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