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We just want to make people smile and what better way than to give away flowers?

Pansy Givaway

How about a Pansy Giveaway to brighten up your day? During such trying and uncertain times, we were looking for something to do that would put a smile on someone’s face. After all, it is spring, and Easter was just around the corner. So, we decided to have a fun promotion to encourage families to do something together in their own backyards.


Benefits of Gardening

Gardening provides a great opportunity to get fresh air, exercise and learn something new. To kick off our Get Out & Grow campaign, we decided to give away a full tray of pansies along with a bucket of fresh loom. 

The idea behind it was to encourage people to get outside and be productive in their own backyards. Since Pansies are easy to maintain, they are the perfect flower for this time of year. Also, they withstand cold temperatures (like the 3 inches of snow on April 18th and the random 30-degree temperature days.)

Contest Rules

We ran the GO&G Pansy Giveaway contest on Facebook and Instagram on April 6, 2020 for residents in our service area. The rules were simple: The first 10 people to email us – – would win a free pansy delivery. All you had to do was type “#GetOutAndGrow” in the subject line and provide a name and address so we could drop off the flowers on front doorsteps. (For residents of Hamilton, Wenham, Danvers, Boxford, Georgetown, Newburyport, Beverly/Beverly Farms, Gloucester, Manchester, Ipswich; one participant per household; offer not valid for employees/family.) We asked winners to share an “After” photo on social media and tag us @ColeLandscapingInc. using the hashtag #GetOutAndGrow.

As the emails came in, we announced the winners. Next, we got to work, scheduling the deliveries and planning the routes. We checked the weather for the week. Luckily, we were able to deliver them on Friday, April 10th, just in time for Easter. We packed out trucks, put on our masks, rang some doorbells and grabbed some pics along the way!

Flower Power

The feedback that we got was fantastic. People were thrilled to win flowers and families were happy to have an activity to do together. We wanted to spread cheer and good will in our community during such a challenging time. It was very rewarding to put a smile on people’s faces. We were thrilled to find out that two of our pansy delivery recipients are nurses.

Huskies at front door
Amy Couture of Danvers
family of Cheryl Day

 Thank you, Amy Couture of Danvers and Cheryl Day of Hamilton, for your dedication to helping others. Amy works for Brigham & Woman’s Hospital and Cheryl works for Hallmark Health. We appreciate your work on the frontline.

Our Winners

Lisa Roth. (Ipswich), Cheryl Day. (Hamilton), Dawn Biersteker. (Danvers), Jen Fowler (Beverly), Pamela McMasters (Danvers), Bridget Barker(Beverly), Sara Corcoran (Ipswich), Ashley Segee (Ipswich), Mélanie Saundersand Amy Couture. (Danvers.) If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook and don’t forget to share your pansy pics and tag us.

Stay Healthy and Safe

We recognize that these are uncertain times. At Cole, one thing we know is that for our clients and community being outdoors is a force for good. We are excited about the upcoming season and we will continue to provide you with exceptional service and design.

Stay tuned for our next Get Out & Grow!

If you would like help with your garden, please contact us.

Feel free to call (978-356-1004) or email:

We love the North Shore and all the families who call this home. Stay positive, smile each day, and we will keep bringing you flowers.

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