Updated backyard patio

Paver Patio Update in Beverly

Paver Patio Update = Backyard Transformation

Our latest paver patio project for this Beverly home adds an instant facelift to our client’s backyard living space.

Original Site Assessment

Before the paver patio work could begin, we had to overcome the biggest obstacle: wetland issues. Planning proper drainage that didn’t interfere with the wetlands was critical. It was necessary for all plantings to be approved and planted as specified  according to the permit. We used the original soil and enhanced it by mixing compost and amendments to enrich the soil as we installed all plantings.

Site Work Performed

First we had to remove of all brush invasive to wetlands as well as remove other select plant material. Next we prepped for plantings. It was also necessary to remove the backyard sod to prepare for new lawn installation.

Paver Patio Installation

Paver Patio Project: Outlining the Border Curve
Paver Patio Project: Outlining the Border Curve

The Cole crew installed 200 SF of Almond Grove square Antara pavers. Its curved border complements features of the existing landscape and flows perfectly with both entryways that lead into the home. We removed a small wall and replaced it with cobblestone as a raised bed. Then we built three 5′ granite steps to replace the current steps. The finished patio has a tan inlay with a gray border.

Paver Patio Project being installed
Paver Patio Project: Measuring up


Organic Finishing Touches

On the left side of house we removed existing plantings and installed a garden starting at the gate, fanning out to 5′ wide by 30′, with cobblestones.
The organic vegetable garden consists of a loam/compost mix to provide ideal growing conditions. Once the paver installation was complete, we added  fresh 5% organic loam to all areas. After defining all  the flower beds, we spread fertilizer and an “under-seed” of rye blended grass to specified areas. Lastly we hydro seeded all areas.
new paver patio
New Unilock Antara Paver Patio in Beverly

If you would like to see what a new Cole patio could do for your backyard, our outdoor living experts have the insight and knowledge to work within your existing parameters. Contact Cole Landscaping to help you explore the potential of your outdoor living space.

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