Landscape Lighting, Seasonal Decoration & Holiday Lighting Installation

Illuminate your property! Don't let the sun going down keep you from enjoy your outdoor living space. Safety is always our main goal and we will design the proper lighting system for your property so you will not have any blind spots within your landscape.

Yearly service is very important in maintaining your lighting system. Cole Landscaping, Inc. can provide yearly service for all types of landscape lighting systems in Beverly MA and the surrounding area.

Seasonal Decorating (Festive Fall Displays)

Cole Landscaping, Inc, is ready to set up unique fall displays for your home or business. Fall displays may include a variety of pumpkins, squash and gourds, colorful Mums, ornamental flowering Kale, Corn Stalks, and hay bales and cornstalks. Orange or purple mini-lights can also be worked in for nighttime color as well as other custom decor to meet your needs. We have a wide variety of pumpkins that are all unique and include varieties such as Cinderella, Red Warty Thing, Hubbard, and others and are all locally grown. Cool season ornamental Kale in purple and white varieties. Availability of all fall display items is limited so be sure to call Cole Landscaping, Inc. immediately to order your displays. We will deliver and set up displays in early October.

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Decor

Why get tangled in the hassle of struggling with putting up your own holiday lights? You have enough to worry about during this busy season. At Cole Landscaping, Inc. we make your outdoor holiday lighting easy - and spectacular. We carry a treasure trove of unique and creative holiday lighting displays for residential as well as commercial properties. String lights, wreaths, garlands, - you'll love the variety.

Complete Holiday Lighting Installation for 2018

Leave the installation to the trained professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. You'll save time and avoid the risk of ruining your holidays with an unfortunate mishap. Contact us early, and we'll get your whole display ready before Thanksgiving so all you should do is plug it in.

Safe Outdoor Lights Storage

A holiday bonus: After we pack them, we'll store your holiday outdoor lights in our clean and dry facility. This saves room in your garage, attic, basement or crawlspace. It also gives our team the opportunity to check every bulb for you before next year's re-installation. If a light needs to be replaced, we'll know in advance of your installation. What could be more convenient?

​Jan Pierce, Property Manager, Danvers MA ​

I highly recommend Cole Landscaping for commercial and residential properties. I can always count on them.