Meet Our Team

Greg Cole, President

As President and CEO of Cole Landscaping, Inc. Greg's main focus is creating, communicating, and implementing the organizations vision, mission, and overall direction. By leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of his Management Staff he is able to evaluate the success of his employees and the business.

Greg founded Cole Landscaping in 1991 and has established many long term relationships and partnerships with clients and his peers. Greg is a member of the NALP - National Association of Landscape Professionals, SIMA - Snow and Ice Management Association and he Studied at Endicott College for Landscape Design.

Barbara Cole, Marketing/Human Resources

Barbara joined Cole Landscaping, Inc. in 2006. Marketing Customer Relations and Human Resources is a huge part of her position with Cole.

Having over 30 years of customer service experience, including office-related tasks and managerial skills, she works closely with the administrative aspect of the company, allowing her to maintain a balance amongst clients, staff, and managers. Being involved in marketing allows her to use her creative side to help grow the business and the staff.

What she likes most about her position with Cole is the clients. They are all unique and she enjoys the relationships she has built with many of them over the years.

Shaun Powers, Maintenance Account Manager

Shaun has been with Cole Landscaping, Inc. since 2011 and has developed strong positive relationships with our customer base, both Commercial and Residential, with clear and frequent communication, mutual trust and ability to meet the customer needs. He strives to develop a win-win opportunities for the customers and the company. Overseeing all of the day-to-day operations for the company, Shaun enjoys the day to day challenges that the landscape industry has to offer, and works closely with his staff to develop new service approaches and processes that streamline operations. He continues to acquire and maintain thorough knowledge of industry trends and act upon opportunities for expanded services by attending seminars and GIE's for the Landscape Industry. With an Associate's Degree in Horticulture and Floriculture, Shaun has over 26 years' experience in the Landscape Industry.

Jackie Guyotte, Office Manager

Jackie Joined the Cole Family in July 2013. As Office Manager, her responsibilities include maintaining the office services by organizing office operations and procedures; designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply and material requisitions, assigning and monitoring clerical functions to the administrative office staff, as well as maintaining efficiencies for the company. With her very positive attitude and excellent organizational skills she handles all the day-to-day needs to run the Administrative Office. 

What Jackie likes most about her position with Cole is the friendly environment, and her very short commute.

Kenny Burke, Lawn & Plant Healthcare Supervisor

Kenny joined the Cole Team in March of 2015. Kenny is a Certified Arborist and earned his Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his Associates Turf Science at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Kenny has over 10 years of experience in the landscape industry. His experiences have awarded him an extensive knowledge of plants and turf grass, their best environments and overall growth habits.

Kenny's primary responsibilities include overseeing all lawn renovation work, conducting service calls, and diagnosing plant and turf grass insect/disease problems, as well as running a scheduled plant health care and lawn fertilization program.

Shawn Fenerty, Production Manager/Landscape Management

Shawn joined Cole Landscaping, Inc.'s team in 2016 and has over 17 years' experience in softscaping, hardscaping, pond and water feature installation, and low voltage lighting, for Both Commercial and Residential properties.

Shawn's role as production manager includes planning and organizing production schedules for all Landscape Construction clients. Assessing projects, selecting and purchasing materials, overseeing production process, supervising the work of junior staff, and estimating. He negotiates budges and timescales with clients as well as determine quality control standards.

Shawn's certifications include ICPI - Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute, NCMA - National Concrete Masonry Association, CLT - Planet certified landscape technician and Techo Block - Pro installer.

Chris Sidebottom, Field Manager

Chris joined Cole Landscaping, Inc.s team in 2011 and has over 20 years' landscape experience. In his current position Field Manager his primary responsibilities include, assisting the Maintenance Account Manager, by monitoring activity of crews, and work closely with production staff regarding training, scheduling, quality control, and customer service. His regular on site visits assure all contracted services provided are of good quality, and completed in a timely fashion and allows him to communicate to appropriate parties of any problem areas to find an immediate resolution. His landscape knowledge allows him to ensure quality control for clients, and for clear communication to be available between clients and crews at all times.

James McInnis, Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Manager

James joined the Cole Landscaping, Inc. team 2015, as Senior Irrigation Account Technician, as well as Landscape Lighting Technician. He has over 10 years Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Service and Installation experience. His primary role here at Cole is maintaining, operating, and installing irrigation and lighting equipment and systems for clients. From new installations, designs and general service, he provides clients with superior results and solutions. James enjoys attending classes to stay educated in his field, as well staying as up to date on all the latest materials and products as they become available for our clients.

Mara J. Robinson, Design and Philosophy

1997 graduate of UMass Amherst Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning. I have 18 years’ experience working in the landscape industry and I am passionate about helping homeowners, developers, architects, civil engineers, and communities create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces. Being classically trained and mentored I learned what makes a good design work and I have learned through the years how to capture the spirit of what our client is looking for and make it into something new and innovative while paying close attention to the fundamentals of design; scale, proportion, and function. Also being attentive to what your existing site elements are; existing architecture and surroundings, listening and learning about the client and their lifestyle, I approach each project as a new and exciting opportunity to collaborate on building dream landscapes that enrich their lives. I like to push the design envelope while keeping within a budget the client is most comfortable with. No two clients are alike and either are the designs we create for them.

​Jan Pierce, Property Manager, Danvers MA ​

I highly recommend Cole Landscaping for commercial and residential properties. I can always count on them.