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Total plant health care & maintenance

Understanding the North Shore’s unique landscape is an essential part of successful plant health care. The Cole team has horticulturists on staff that will design a total Plant Health Care Program that works to enhance the beauty of your trees and shrubs by protecting their overall health from invading vectors, including insects and diseases. 

An all inclusive solution

Protect your Investment

We use a systematic IPM approach to help maintain your total outdoor landscape investment. Within this program there are seven visits that are scheduled on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. During each visit, your technician is focused on targeting a specific pest or fertility issue that may be prevalent during that time of year.

Organic Solutions

With your family in mind​

  • At Cole we always respect  your home and your family. That’s why we have developed an organic landscape program that will align with your needs.

  • We offer full or a partial organic programs that will keep your lawn, gardens and entire landscape healthy.

Our Seven PHC Treatments

  • Early Spring Application (early to mid-April): Dormant Oil
    With the early spring treatment your technician will apply a horticultural oil to control over-wintering and inactive pests.

  • Spring Application (early to mid-May): Dormant Oil/Insect Control
    This treatment includes a second application of dormant oil plus insect control to eradicate any additional over-wintering eggs as well as Winter Moth larvae development.

  • Late Spring Application (early to late June): Insect and Fungal Control
    This treatment is used to control active insects (caterpillars, scale, mites), and also spring time diseases before any damage becomes too extensive.

  • Summer Application (July): Insect and Fungal Control
    This follow up treatment is used to control any active insects and diseases as they infiltrate the landscape.
  • Late Summer Application (mid-August through September): Deep Root Feeding
    During this time of year, your plant technician will be focused on deep root feeding any transplanted and/or stressed plant material by injecting fertilizer to the plants rooting system. This allows for full nutrient uptake by the plant.

  • Fall Application (October): Insect Control
    This visit will be focused on being proactive toward over-wintering insect control using dormant oil to eradicate any developing eggs or pods.

  • Late Fall Application (November): Deep Root Feeding
    This last application is a balanced deep root fertilizer which is used to help promote healthy root growth and prepare your trees and shrubs for the long winter season ahead.

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