Complete turf care

The Cole Team knows exactly what it takes to create the perfect lawn on the North Shore. Maintaining turf in Ipswich requires a different strategy than Amesbury. Using that knowledge will guarantee your home gets the proper treatment all season long.

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Custom plans for you property

Blended lawn care programs

Cole Landscaping’s blended lawn care program is designed for those clients seeking a highly manicured lawn. We accomplish this by performing six visits scheduled on a bi-monthly basis throughout the season. We use traditional fertilizers and other bio-sensitive products applied properly for insect, disease and broadleaf weed control. Each visit targets a specific objective based upon the time of year.

Nutrition for lawns

Black Gold for turf

If your lawn is looking a little tired, consider a top-dressing of Cole’s organic compost, lovingly called “Black Gold.” First we core aerate the complete property. Then we broadcast this highly organic matter throughout the area along with seed. Our Cole crew alongside our powerful  Finn Bark Blower can service your property in no time at all. The Finn Blower is designed specifically to convey considerable volumes of heavy material (loam, stone etc.) as well as lighter materials (bark mulch, compost, playground chips) to large areas very quickly. It is perfect for all size areas, including hillsides, tough terrain, and hard to reach places!

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Organic Solutions

With your family in mind

At Cole we always respect your home and your family. That’s why we have developed an organic landscape program that will align with your needs. We offer full or a partial of organic treatments that will keep your lawn, gardens and entire landscape healthy.

Our Six Lawn Care Treatments

  • Early Spring Application (April – early May)
    Traditional fertilizer with pre-emergent control for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass.
  • Spring Application (late May – June)
    Traditional fertilizer with pre-emergent control for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass.  Your technician will also spot treat for noxious weeds including dandelion and clover.
  • Summer Application (June – early July)
    Traditional fertilizer with surface feeding insect control (not grub). Your technician will also spot treat for any broadleaf weeds and clover.
  • Late Summer Application (late July– early August)
    Traditional fertilizer OR organic fertilizer depending on summer stresses. Your technician will also spot treat for any broadleaf weeds and clover.
  • Early Fall Application (September)
    Traditional fertilizer with dolomitic limestone to correct pH imbalances. Your technician will also spot treat for any broadleaf weeds and clover.
  • Fall Application (mid-October – November)
    Winterizing fertilizer to ensure your lawns rooting system is hardened and protected for the upcoming growing season.

Additional Landscape Services

From time to time we will analyze your turf and make some recommendations. Depending on the weather, where you live and the season, additional landscape maintenance might be necessary. Cole offers a full suite of options that will optimize your lawn’s health and enhance your home’s beauty.

Water Management

Conserving water is a priority and Hydretain is an organic application that can reduce your watering needs by up to 50%.

Core Aeration

This helps on all soil types allowing the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Grub application

Proper grub applications can help prevent some of the most common lawn problems before they start.

Mosquito & tick control

Our comprehensive programs target shrubs and plants around your yard, creating a barrier for these intruders.

Winter & Gypsy Moth

In order to keep your property safe from these devastating pests, we spray your trees seasonally.

Calcitic liming

Solu-cal works much more efficiently than lime and can work in as little as weeks, compared to 6-8 months for dolomitic limestone.

Slice seeding

This is the most effective processes to seed a lawn. The Slice Seeding machine places grass seed exactly where it needs to be, in the soil.

Deep tine thatching

Breaks up the build up of the thick thatch layer on your lawn and allows the penetration of water and nutrients back into the soil.

Over Seeding

Overseeding keeps your lawn competitive and steeped in youth and vigor, without starting over from scratch.