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Keeping up with The Coles

We consider our approach to be much like a lifelong family physician. The relationship is designed to provide ongoing consultative services, with your quality of life and the best interests of your property as our top priority.

How We Roll

The Cole Way!

When our team becomes familiar with your current and future landscape needs, you reap the benefits. Our approach will help you consider every detail, from increasing the value of your property to maintaining it as well. You will never experience any pressure. Our clients think of us as their landscape partner for life!

Technology in the Work Place

Optimized Output

From scheduling services to managing fleets via GPS tracking, we rely on technology to be more efficient. For landscape design we use the latest software with 3-D models to provide a realistic view of your proposed project. In order to optimize our work flow, the back office utilizes a landscaping-specific management platform that enables us to oversee all job sites at any given point in time. The CRM function of Aspire tracks all key customer interactions and integrates with Google tools and Outlook to manage tasks, appointments and email correspondence.  Aspire allows us the functionality and capability to access our system from virtually any device, anywhere in live time. We can see all aspects of our company in one place. Moving forward this will allow us the most efficient processes, ease of quick and accurate information which we need to continue to grow. 

our approach - aspire software solutions
our approach - Greenius applications for customized learning

On-going Online Training

Customized Learning

Why Greenius?
Once you’ve got the right employees, amazing things can happen! Finding those employees can be hard, but a training program can help turn amazing potential to amazing performance. When it comes to building a great landscaping company, there is no doubt that people are your greatest asset. But let’s be real – in this industry people need tools to get the job done. No one is cutting grass with their teeth or digging holes with their hands. The best tools are no substitute for the worst employees, but getting our people using equipment properly will reduce safety concerns, improve efficiency and eliminate costly equipment damage. With Greenius online training videos, we get our crews up to speed on using new equipment and help them master the tools they’re already using. With Greenius implemented into our company’s culture, we have seen a spike in morale and employee retention.

The Cole Way

What to Expect from Cole

  • We will provide plans and programs tailored to your needs.
  • We will suggest ways you can improve your current landscape.
  • We will develop a strategy to maintain your investment.
  • We will keep you updated with helpful tips and ideas throughout the season.
  • We will provide top quality plants and materials.
  • We will do a series of property surveys throughout the season for our maintenance customers.
  • We will present offers and specials promptly.
  • We will have experienced office staff available for any questions or needs.
  • We will provide you with emails, company news and updates.

We love what we do.

Our dogs Tula and Cooper

We treat your family like our own!

Bring Cole Into Your Home!

At Cole, we respect your property, your home and your family. Every Cole employee will treat you like you are our own family and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and making your property a Cole Property!

Fully Licensed, Insured, and Certified
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