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Proudly building relationships for years.

If you own any type of commercial property on Boston’s North Shore, Cole Landscaping is a full-service commercial landscaping contractor that will keep your property in peak condition throughout the year. The landscaping is often the first thing people notice as they pass by or approach a commercial property like an office building, apartment community, retail store or a hospital or school. A well maintained landscape creates a favorable first impression and makes the entire property more inviting.

Confidence at the highest levels

With more than 30 years of commercial landscaping experience, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results in all areas of the landscaping process for your commercial buildings.

Our clients consider us their full-service landscape design partner.  We are respected for our high touch service and attention to detail as well as for our landscape expertise.

Proactive Maintenance and Care

Our Signature Service is a concierge style service.  While the term is new, the concept is not. It comes from our New England family roots, a combination of ultra-response attitude and our can do attitude. 

It’s about being care takers and care givers, It is about listening and understanding what works for you, and what doesn’t. And most of all it is about never having to call twice about any issue or landscape question you might have.

Your Landscape Partner - John Tassinari - Commercial sales manager

Customer Case Study

“We recently hired your firm to do our plowing and landscaping. I worked with John Tassinari to help solidify the partnership. John was nothing short of wonderful.  We had a smaller shop do our work for over 15-yrs. They got overwhelmed with being short-handed, especially during the winter.  We decided to explore options and John showed us a better way.

Today your landscaping crew showed-up for spring clean-up.  The grounds look wonderful.  The detail to attention, the professionalism of the crew, was more than impressive.  You should be proud of the people that represent you.

I realize we are very small customer and it was very encouraging to see the attention to detail and customer service.  And, on a side, to see the crew working with masks on during this insane period of COVID madness, kudos to you for protecting your employees”.

Tom Lannon

Olde Ipswich Village Condo Association

24/7/365 Care & Attention

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy landscape for your commercial property poses numerous challenges. Difficult soil conditions, drought and insect infestation can take a heavy toll on a property’s condition.

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy landscape for your commercial property poses numerous challenges. Difficult soil conditions, drought and insect infestation can take a heavy toll on a property’s condition.

We have certified and licensed team of specialists on staff, including:

  • Arborists
  • Irrigation specialists
  • Landscape architects and designers
  • Pest control applicators and certified technicians

Our staff of specialists will proactively identify any number of problems and resolve them quickly, saving you down time and cost. 

Snow & Ice management 

When the North Shore get hit with freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions, the Cole Team is ready to take action removing snow and ice. Our responsive and timely service will keep your property safe in even the most severe weather conditions.

Our Commercial Services include but are not limited to:

  • Landscape Design & Master Plan –We can work with you to design and implement a master landscaping plan that will enhance the attractiveness of your property, while achieving the appropriate balance between man-made necessities and environmental considerations.

  • Landscape Construction & Hardscapes – Our team includes the best craftsmen in the area who are experts in the critical facets of landscape construction to ensure a professional installation.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Timely maintenance is essential for preserving the health and beauty of your landscaping. We offer cost-effective ground maintenance programs that will ensure your commercial property receives appropriate care and attention throughout the year.

  • Snow & Ice Management – Selected areas North of Boston is known for its harsh winters. Our snow and ice removal service will keep your property safe in even the most severe weather conditions.
  • Seasonal Flower Displays – Flowers and foliage add a beautiful decorative touch to a commercial property. Commercial Landscaping Service can provide customized seasonal flower plantings that will create the maximum visual impact and make your property stand out.


  • Irrigation Services –Irrigation/watering is vital for maintaining a lush, green landscape. We’ll work with you to develop a site-specific watering program that will ensure a healthy, vibrant property. We will also implement effective water conservation techniques.


  • Lighting – Well-placed lighting enhances the nighttime curb appeal of a commercial property and increases safety. We will install energy-efficient LED fixtures in key areas such as pedestrian crossings.

We have the highest standards.

Our clients are demanding, and we want it that way!  They are builders and developers with timelines and high expectations. They are property managers and homeowner associations (HOA’s) and property owner boards. They are private homeowners and their representatives whose impeccable taste requires the absolute best in estate landscaping. It doesn’t matter how large or small, when you ride through areas of Gloucester’s water front, Beverly Farms, and Hamilton-Wenham, you will see a touch of Cole in some of the areas most spectacular homes and associations.

Partner with Cole

After a few years as a Cole client, you’ll know that hiring Cole was a great decision. Building these long term relationships is how we became the Got To company for so many residential communities and commercial associations on the North Shore. Here is our strategy for your property:

  • Experienced, dedicated, trained and uniformed employees providing personalized service.
  • Branch staff and dedicated account managers on call for you.
  • Certified and licensed specialists on staff, including arborists, irrigators, landscape architects and designers, pest control applicators and certified technicians.
  • Proactive and rigorous safety and quality control processes to ensure consistency, detect and deter problems and provide solutions.
  • Advanced IT and thorough communication, through the use of digital tablets, smart phones, email and a website to provide clarity and rapid response.
  • Relationship and service excellence by award-winning talent who are committed to year-to-year quality and return on investment that benefits you.

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