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Illuminate your property! Don’t let the sun going down keep you from enjoying your outdoor living space. Safety is always our main goal and we will design the proper lighting system for your property so you will not have any blind spots within your landscape.
Brighten up the night

Landscape lighting for safety and security

Beyond aesthetics, landscape lighting is used for safety and security. Many homeowners, businesses, and municipalities use lighting to beautifully illuminate steps and walkways as a safety precaution. Increased visibility is also a known deterrent to trespassers Lighting can help highlight specific trees or plants, brighten particularly dark areas of the property, and help nurture a soothing ambience.

When your home is properly landscaped you unlock its full potential, but when the sun sets on your property, doesn’t it seem like a shame to say goodnight to how great it looks? Whether  seasonal decor or a stylistic choice to set a certain mood, many people opt for landscape lighting. With more options available than ever – including energy -saving LEDs in a variety of colors – it’s easy to see how illumination unlocks the full potential of landscape design.

Festive fall presentation

Seasonal decorating

We are ready to set up unique fall displays for your home or business. Fall displays may include a variety of pumpkins, squash and gourds, colorful mums, ornamental flowering kale, corn stalks and hay bales. Orange or purple mini-lights can be incorporated for nighttime color or we can install other custom decor to meet your needs. We have a wide variety of locally grown pumpkins including varieties such as Cinderella, Red Warty Thing and Hubbard. Cool season ornamental kale in purple and white varieties add interesting color and contrast. Availability of all fall display items is limited so be sure to call Cole Landscaping early to order your displays. We will deliver and set up displays in early October.

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