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Worry-Free Residential Landscape Maintenance with Cole Landscaping

Taking care of a property’s landscape by yourself is a tougher task than you might realize! Not only is there a lot of land to be responsible for, but the size of your landscape means that there’s more potential for serious issues to arise. Not to mention that keeping your landscape looking as beautiful as it can shouldn’t be a task you have to do alone! The best-looking landscapes in Massachusetts utilize a team to both make your life easier and make your home a more enjoyable place to be in – regardless of what season it is. If you’re trying to make your landscape look as wonderful as it can, the residential landscape maintenance professionals at Cole Landscaping know just how to bring out its best features!

We've got you covered all season!

Cole Landscaping Provides Expert Seasonal Landscape Care in Massachusetts

Especially in a climate as chaotic as New England’s can get, your landscape needs to be ready for any weather elements the region can throw at it! With decades of experience in landscape design and maintenance for Massachusetts homeowners, we know exactly how to get your landscape ready for any challenge that the four seasons bring. Keeping your landscape healthy throughout all of nature’s fiercest challenges requires landscapers with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done, and we’ll keep your landscape luscious through services like these!

  • Spring Cleaning: Because of the snow and frigid temperatures of winter, the transition period between it and spring will likely be the time your landscape looks the worst. Revitalizing its appearance is easier than ever with us: we’ll redefine your lawn borders, clean up and compost any debris, and spruce up the mulch areas of your landscape. By the time warmer temperatures hit, your landscape will look like it never left the spring!
  • Irrigation Services: The one annoying thing about rainfall is its inability to be consistent, even though your plants and shrubs need it to thrive! For days that aren’t as plentiful with rain, we can install irrigation systems that only use water when needed. You’ll never have to worry about your landscape drying out!
  • Seasonal Color: If you want your landscape to match the theme of the season, look no further than Cole Landscaping! We can ensure that the flowers we install each season match your home and the season’s aesthetics perfectly. We use the principles of color theory to make it blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

If you’re looking to make your landscape beautiful with this or our other fantastic residential property maintenance services, give us a call today at (800) 243-5771!

Our Other Residential Property Maintenance Services Include:​

Fertilizer Services
Grounds Maintenance
Shrub & Tree Pruning
Ornamental Care
Fall Cleaning
Lawn Aeration
Over Seeding/Slice Seeding 

Make Your Property's Landscape Shine

Contact Cole Landscaping For Flawless Residential Landscape Maintenance Services in Massachusetts

Keeping your landscape looking lovely all year round requires a team of people who are both expertly trained in the job and fiercely dedicated to providing the best service. In Rowley, MA, and beyond, Cole Landscaping has both of these qualities in spades! Making your landscape look beautiful – and raising your home’s property value in the process – has never been easier. Contact Cole Landscaping today to be put in the best possible hands!

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Try Cole's Signature Services

Relax, we’ve got this.

With the Cole Signature Service program, we deliver a seamless, turnkey property management solution. Rather than hiring multiple contractors, we handle all the details for you, providing core maintenance for your property and giving you peace of mind. Additionally, when you choose Cole Landscaping to install and then maintain your landscape, we warranty it for life.

What Your Neighbors Say About Cole Landscaping

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our happy customers have to say:

During covid we decided to create a backyard oasis and Coles nailed it! They even had to make a road next our carriage house to access our backyard and it was no easy task! We couldn’t be happier with how it all came out! We are outside from morning until night and we sit and just look at all of the beautiful work they have done to create a true oasis! We have grown to really love the entire Coles team! They truly are the best!!!

Janine M.
Cole Landscaping Customer

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