Do I Need to Rake My Lawn’s Leaves?

Autumn is a season beloved for so many different reasons. This is especially the case on the North Shore of Massachusetts, where colorful trees, pumpkins, and other decor, and brisk ocean breezes make Autumn feel like something from a postcard! With all the reasons we love Autumn here on the North Shore, one common complaint amongst home and business owners this time of year is raking leaves.    If you have ever found yourself stuck raking and bagging leaves instead of enjoying Sunday football or picking apples with loved ones, you know just how much of a chore it can be and have likely asked yourself, “Do I REALLY need to rake my leaves every year?” Realistically, the answer is yes.   

Reasons to Rake Your Leaves

A common misconception is that homeowners only rake their leaves because it makes their yards look nicer. While this is certainly a true statement, it is far from the only reason. Reasons to regularly rake the leaves in your North Shore yard include:  

Promote Late Season Growth

North Shore properties often are planted with cool-season grass species. Autumn is an important growth period for these types of grass as it is the time of year that they strengthen their roots ahead of the Winter frost.   

Prevent Diseases

You may not know, but fallen leaves can be a haven for diseases. Spring and Summer serve as development periods for foliage diseases. When infected leaves fall and are not raked, they will sit all Winter long until the ground thaws and can eventually spread disease to leaves and trees the following Spring.  

Remove Thatch Layers

Thatch layers are the layers of dead grass, roots, debris, and more that sit at the base of a blade of grass. Thatch layers are natural and present in all lawns, but too thick of a thatch layer can prevent the absorption of moisture and nutrients in your grass, resulting in browning and slowed growth. If leaves are not properly cleared ahead of Winter, thatch layers can continue to compound, resulting in unhealthy grass come Spring.  

Contact Cole Landscaping to Clear Your Yard This Autumn

Raking and clearing leaves from your yard is a time-consuming process but is, unfortunately, a necessary task each Autumn. However, there is a better way! Rather than wasting the last of the year’s warm days ahead of Winter endlessly clearing leaves, contact Cole Landscaping and allow us to do the work for you! Our Rowley-based landscaper team proudly serves residential and commercial properties across the North Shore with leave containment and removal. Contact us to schedule a visit.  

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