How to Design a Landscape for Small Lawns

When homeowners on the North Shore think about professional landscaping work, they often think about sprawling outdoor spaces with ample room for gardens, sheds, patios, and more. But in reality, even the smallest yards in Rowley and the North Shore can still see amazing benefits when they are cared for by professionals like Cole Landscaping. 


It may take more planning and spacial awareness, but small lawns can also become your dream landscape, especially when you contact Cole Landscaping for the job! Continue reading below to learn how smaller North Shore lawns can be transformed into a work of outdoor art.


Scale Down Your Design to Inches

When working on larger landscaping projects with plenty of space, we usually work in square feet to design layouts. However, a smaller lawn should be considered on a smaller scale. When you are working with feet of open design space, it is easy to be less detailed as there is plenty of leftover room to play with, and small details will remain relatively unnoticed. On the contrary, a landscape on a smaller lawn must be considered down to the exact inch as the space is far more limited. Even just a few inches of miscalculation can leave you fighting for space to fit a new plant and make a mistake much more visible to homeowners and guests alike.


Splurge on More Expensive Design Features

With less space to work with, a smaller lawn will want to focus on features and design elements that are extra eye-catching. Fortunately, the concentrated space means outfitting your outdoor space with luxurious and expensive features becomes far more cost-effective and attainable. From stunning stone patios and walkways to more exotic plants, the lessened need for materials to fill space means otherwise costly elements can help reinvent your yard


Design and Maintain Your Landscape with Cole Landscaping

North Shore lawns at both residential and commercial properties can benefit from Cole Landscaping’s expertise, whether they are acres or just a few square feet! Our Rowley-based landscaping professionals serve the entire North Shore with complete landscaping services, including property maintenance, plant care, hardscapes, landscape design, and much more! Whether you are looking for a brand new custom patio and outdoor kitchen, help planting your new garden, or regularly scheduled full lawn maintenance, Cole Landscaping is the North Shore’s preferred team! Contact Cole Landscaping today for all of your commercial and residential landscaping needs on the North Shore.


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