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Make Life Easy with Cole’s Signature Services

What are the of Benefits of using Cole’s Signature Services?

When you hire a professional full-service landscaping company you don’t have to think twice about caring for your property. From the house cleaner to the pool service company to the plumber and electrician – it’s hard to manage a home. Add in the lawn-mowing, arborist, fertilizer specialist and irrigation company and it’s enough to drive someone nuts! So it makes sense to have one company meeting all your landscaping needs, right? Cole’s Signature Services provide a custom plan that works for you.

Ease of Working With One Company

Working with one  company for all your landscape needs makes life easier.

One company can mow, fertilize turf and plants, maintain shrubs and trees, plant seasonal flowers, handle irrigation needs and oversee your entire landscaping. Wouldn’t life be easier if you only had to contact one person when an issue or question arises?

All of your services will be scheduled ahead of time – from your spring clean-up leading into winter prep. Using one landscaping company for all your needs will certainly be in the best interest of your property.

For example, when applying fertilizer timing is crucial, as is proper watering. If your landscape company handles the irrigation for your property, they already know your watering schedule. Therefore they will be able to make adjustments while on site. If you use a separate company for irrigation, chances are that they are not going to know your fertilizer schedule. A good landscape professional will know that it is best to apply fertilizer on recently mowed turf. So if they are mowing your lawn, they know when to apply the fertilizer, gaining optimal results. As a Cole Signature Services client, you can rest assured that your landscaping maintenance is always on schedule.

Manicured walkway
Manicured walkway

Extra Set of Eyes

When one landscaping company manages a property, each manager handles a specific service(s) for your property.  The crew will look at the land with a different set of eyes to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed. From the foreman in charge of the crews to the managers overseeing projects, there is always clear communication at all times throughout the season.

Our staff communicates with each other. If they see a problem they work collectively to find a solution. It’s in their interest to make sure the entire property is well maintained, because they are responsible for it as a company.

Warranties and Guarantees 

When you hire a company to install your landscape, not everyone offers a warranty or guarantee. If you hire a full-service landscape professional and you sign up for a full maintenance package you are more likely to have warranties and guarantees.

Higher Quality of Work

With a full service landscaping company, the quality of work is generally higher. Companies providing continued maintenance after an installation project are motivated to make the landscaping look its best because all parts of the project are tied to the company.

Landscaping matures, so even if the original installation blueprint says one thing, a full-service company will monitor overall aesthetics. if the plants are not growing as planned, the landscaping company can make changes, and monitor progress throughout the seasons.

When you hire a qualified landscaping service, you’ll notice the years of experience in their craftsmanship. These highly talented individuals each have personal areas of expertise, from building hardscapes to ensuring that your lawn is immaculate. By the end of your landscaping project, you’ll marvel at the outstanding job they’ve completed. Sure, you could have tried your hand at rebuilding your backyard, but would it look as stunning as a professionally crafted lawn?

Front yard with beautiful lawn and flowers
Stunning Seasonal Color

Highest Quality Materials

The landscaping industry is booming, which means there’s an overwhelming amount of materials available. For instance, it’s difficult for a homeowner to know about the different types of grass and which seed to use – not to mention what kind of drainage systems you have on your property. Perhaps you choose a certain brand of landscaping material only to find out that it is of poor quality? Professional landscapers will know exactly what materials to use on your yard. You’ll never have to worry about the wrong brand or material being applied on your lawn.

Cole Landscape is your Landscape Partner for Life!

Here at Cole Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc. we know the importance of streamlining the landscaping process for customers. One point of contact managing the landscaping from project installation through maintenance means peace of mind for the customer for years to come. We take pride in our Signature Services.

If you’d like a consultation or want to know what we can do to help you in the 2019 Landscape Season~ give us a call at 978-356-1004 or contact us to arrange an on-site meeting with one of our Landscape Professionals.

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