Winter is for planning

Winter Is For Planning

Planning Now Makes A Difference

Winter is for planning outdoor projects, despite dipping temperatures and the imminent threat of snowfall. While you’re bundling up every time you leave the house perhaps the furthest thing from your mind is a new landscaping project. But there are several reasons why winter is the ideal time for planning your next big home improvement.

Assess Your Needs

First and foremost, your family’s yard  is an extension of your home. Just as you would make necessary updates indoors, winter is a great time to assess the needs of your outdoor living space. Improvements to your property have a high return on investment and remain one of the top ways to increase the value of your home.

Think of your backyard as your outdoor living room. What would it take to transform your property into that dreamscape that you have always wanted? It’s time to make a list and prioritize.

Examine Your Winter Softscape

Take a good look around your property. Aside from evergreens, most plants are dormant, and the bones of your garden are exposed. For this reason, it’s a great time to see what may be out of balance. Is your landscape lacking visual interest? Is there a focal point? Perhaps new plants would boost your home’s curb appeal as well. Do you have enough plant variety to provide visual interest all year long? Interesting ornamental trees with distinctive bark, like birch trees, and colorful shrubs with berries, like holly, provide great color and texture during winter months. Learn more about winter landscaping.

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Examine Your Exterior Structures

Would your property benefit from a new structure or hardscape? Critically assess all of the existing surfaces that lead to your home’s entrances. Are any of your walkways or stairs in disrepair? Does your driveway drain well? There are many benefits to permeable pavement if you have water issues. Look for any safety issues that need to be addressed.

Consider Maintenance and Services

Don’t forget to plan for maintenance.  When choosing your materials and plants, think about the amount of time and energy that will go into the upkeep. What is your level of motivation? Consider hiring a professional with comprehensive landscaping services. As a result you won’t have to worry about year-round maintenance like pulling weeds, watering and pruning, and replacing of dead plants. Ideally you should plan a landscape that will suit your lifestyle. Use a professional that will customize your landscape to suit your needs. You shouldn’t dread the upkeep; rather you should enjoy the process. At Cole Landscaping, our Signature Services ensure you have the best possible experience. Our team of professionals will tailor your landscaping project from the start to finish and beyond.

Prioritize your Needs

After assessing your needs, be realistic with your budget. Have a solid idea of what you are willing to spend. Landscaping projects can be done in stages, and if need be, over the course of a few years. Identify your goals and make sure each stage of your plan aligns with your goals. Use landscaping planning guides and home improvement magazines to find the information appropriate for your project. A well-thought plan keeps you on track and ensures consistency in your landscape design.

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Avoid the Rush

Winter is the perfect time of year to reach out to a professional landscape designer because you will have their undivided attention. Since plants are dormant, designers are not as busy and they will have more time to discuss your project with you. Besides having more time for lateral communication, you won’t be rushed in choosing your design and materials. Once the materials are ordered, you will have a jump-start on scheduling. Don’t forget about work permits. Since it takes time to ensure that all paperwork has been filled out, turned in and approved it is better to apply for permits in the off-season.

Following the above steps can make a difference in weeks, or even months for your new landscaping project. If you are organized and get an early start you could be entertaining in your new outdoor space in the early summer months, rather than have a yard under construction.

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